Simpson Yard Intermodal Facility Expansion

This project was for the expansion of the Simpson Yard Intermodal Facility in Jacksonville, Florida. The project included removal and disposal of existing drainage pipe and structures, asphalt and concrete pavement, grading and cut fill of 157,000 CY of fill, installation of over 150,000 tons of aggregate base, installation of 29,089 SF of steel sheet pile walls, 8600 SF of MSE walls, 21,256 LF of drainage and sewer pipe, 3,113 LF of guardrail, 1,311 LF of concrete barrier wall, 1,500 LF of visual barrier wall, 7,150 LF of security fencing, traffic signaling, communication and electrical distribution lines and controls totaling 162,160 LF of cabling, two bridge superstructures, 31,600 SY of asphalt paving and 19,122 SY of various depth concrete paving.