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Athens-North Oconee Water Reclamation Facility (Athens, Georgia)

Athens-North Oconee Water Reclamation Facility (Athens, Georgia)

Project Description

Installation of an influent sewerage force main line from a pump station to the headworks facility at the new plant site, installation of a gravity sewer line from headworks to biological basins and installation of a new gravity flow effluent line for the plant from an existing pump station to the outfall at the North Oconee River. The following work was completed on this project: 667 LF of 60” RJDIP gravity sewer, 150 LF of 54” RJDIP gravity sewer, 660 LF of 42” RJDIP gravity sewer, 915 LF of 36” RJDIP gravity sewer, 170 LF of 30” RJDIP gravity sewer, 3 ea. 60” RJDIP outside drop connections, 2 ea. 42” RJDIP outside drop connections, 11 manholes (2 ea – 10’ dia., 5 ea – 8’ dia., 4 ea – 6’ dia.) were installed and vacuum tested, successfully low pressure air tested of all lines 30” to 60” in diameter, 2700 LF of 36” RJDIP force main, graded the entire project site – moving 250,000 CY of dirt, extensive sewerage by-pass pumping and re-route of existing (live-flow) 36” line for the tie-in for the 36” force main.

Owner Name & Location

Unified Government of Athens Water Reclamation Facility

Completion Date

July, 2011

October 29, 2015